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St Wulfstan

Wulfstan came to Hawkesbury around the year 1034, or soon afterwards as a young man in his early twenties to join the small team of Clergy serving the area. He had been born in Warkwickshire, the son of Aethelstan and his wife Wulfgifa and the nephew of another Wulstan who became Archbishop of York. Wulfstan had been given a good education at the Benedictine abbeys of Evesham and Peterborough.
On leaving Peterborough Wulfstan then joined the household of Brihtheah, Bishop of Worcester. Britheah had been the Abbot of Pershore before being appointed to Worcester and it was Pershore Abbey that owned the manor of Hawkesbury from about 800AD. The Bishop was therefore familiar with Hawkesbury, it being Pershore's largest estate (despite being 50 miles away), and it was probably this knowledge that persuaded him to send Wulstan to Hawkesbury to serve.
Almost all we know about Wulstan comes from the historian William of Malmesbury’s Wita Wulfstani, a twelfth century translation of an earlier biography by a monk by the name of Colman, who had been Wulstan's chaplain.

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