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9. South Porch

The earlier porch (although not the earliest door) is on the south side of the nave. An Early English floriated coffin cover, re-used as a wall stone, is set on the eastern side of the door. This would originally have been set flush with the ground, almost certainly inside the church, but was recycled in the 14th Century when the porch was built. Such rapid re-use of older stones was not uncommon and in this instance may indicate that the church floor was renovated or altered at the time of the building of the porch.  Above the coffin cover, on the same side of the door, are two pre-Reformation scratch dials. Scratch dials were a simple form of sundial, in which a central gnomon cast a shadow on regularly incised lines; when the shadow touched a line it was time to say Mass. The dials were often re-cut in an attempt to improve their accuracy - hence the second dial. An 18th century sundial is set above the south porch door.

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